Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ups (literal & figurative) & downs

Did two rides this weekend. The Princeton Freewheelers "Honey Do" ride is advertised as a B+ ride (avg 17-18), but has a reputation for going faster (the reputation includes fast and flat); nonetheless, my ride partner suggested it and said he'd lead me back if I got dropped and lost. Well, I didn't get dropped, but that was only due to the kindness of the leader, because I was definitely bringing up the rear. I could see my partner far ahead - he was that vaguely blue spot on the horizon - so I didn't get lost... but I won't be doing that ride again.

After the ride, he said he didn't want to be doing morning rides anymore. I don't think this partnership is going to continue.

Sunday, did a ride in Morris County. This was the first time the leader had done this ride, and we discovered some gravel roads, some scary downhills, a gravel road with a scary downhill, and we couldn't find some of our intended roads at all. Sounds disorganized and crazy-making, no? But it was a great ride: just five of us, coolish-but-good weather, some good hills, great eye-candy. There are worse things to do than ride around Morris County of an early-autumn Sunday morning.

And I was crankin' on the hills; I later heard we did 4300 feet of climb. How come I can do hills, but not speed on the flats?

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