Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cracked website: 5 reason riding is the most humiliating...

You ought to go check out the Cracked.Com website regularly anyway, just because they're snarky and funny, and because Winston Rowntree, of Subnormality, does such excellent stuff there (check out The 8 Things You Can Do With A Cover Song).

But when I was stumblin' around the web this morning, I cam across 5 Reasons Riding a Bike is the Most Humiliating Exercise. For example, from just the first one, on saddle height (entitled, "You Can Kill Yourself Just Getting On (if You Do it Right)"):

Common sense tells you that when you come to a stop on your bike, you want to be able to quickly put a foot down so you don't, you know, fall over.

But apparently that's crazy talk. You're actually supposed to be able to fully extend your leg when the pedal is all the way down, to get full use of your leg muscles, because pedaling with your knees always bent is like duck-walking a footrace -- you're not fully using your muscles, and the other racers will laugh heartily at you... Since the pedal is several inches above the ground (or it would scrape it), that puts your foot several inches above the ground when your leg is fully extended -- which means you can't put your foot down.

Well, it made me laugh, anyway. Go check it out.

(Also check out my other blog - the one on the Charity rides. I've got some new ones, and new info about the existing ones.)


  1. Well, thanks, I think. My surf time today has been spent link-hopping at Cracked.

  2. Hrmph! Sorry if I intruded, or caused you any distress!