Wednesday, May 2, 2012

edit pdf's

I use this tool rarely, and every time I do, I need to find it again, so this post is really about being able to find PDFescape:

PDFescape logo

With PDFEscape, you can insert text or images (like signature files) into .pdf documents, and "white out" existing text. You can then save to your hard drive and print. Paid users can save online, and there are probably other features, but I'm not interested in those.

These features are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader 10, but that's not yet available for Linux, and the Windows box I have at home is a netbook that doesn't have the resources, even for this browser-based tool (it runs platform-independent, in any browser that supports Java).

I used it most recently to insert the specific ride text and my digitial signature into the Freewheeler ride sheet for the ride I convened over the weekend. Now I'll know where to find it again.

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