Friday, May 11, 2012

new ride start checklist mnemonic

Pilots use checklists to make sure that everything is ready for the plane to take off. Some time ago, after having a number of troubles on rides for which I wasn't adequately prepared, I set up a mnemonic checklist for my ride starts: WASABI - Water, Air, Speedo (for the computer), Axles (for the quick-releases), Brakes (so I remember to replace the brake release when I put the front wheel on), ID, (to remember to put on my Road ID).

On a recent ride, I lost my CO2 kit because I hadn't closed my saddlebag. I'm working on a new mnemonic. I don't like it, but the best I can come up with so far is A3, B3, C1:
Air: in the tires;
Ankle: for the Road ID, on an ankle band;
Axles: for the quick-releases;
Bag: for the saddlebag;
Bottles: for water;
Brakes: for the brake quick-release;

I know it seems unnecessarily complicated, but it's less trouble than being 30 miles into a hot ride with no water, or not having a front brake because I didn't close the release.

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