Monday, May 21, 2012

one thing i don't like about sweeping on group rides

... is that some riders think I'm riding in the back because I can't do any better.

Another thing is that most of the folks I sweep aren't exactly thrilled to see me, probably because my presence is a reminder that they're at the back of the group.

So it goes. I don't sweep rides for the sake of the other riders, anyway; I do it for myself - to quiet my own demons. But hearing the folks who were riding off the front apologizing for pushing the pace on me, when I could easily have kept up with 'em, does rankle. Some.


  1. Jim, I just want you to know that us guys at the back more than appreciate your sweeping for us, I know I would not have completed the covered bridges ride last year with out you. I would have failed miserably on the Easter Bunny ride along the fast river section. Every ride you are on makes it so much more enjoyable for me as I don't have to worry about beening droped, enhancing my riding experience considerably. cheers Mate.

  2. Dave, I know YOU do, and your thoughtfulness means a lot. I was just feelin' cranky & blowin' off steam. However, I may need to do a pushin'-the-pace ride where I don't sweep, just to get it out of my system (and to show off a bit).