Monday, August 31, 2015

5/5 & 8/10 ride with the old guys

This forced idleness may kill me. I went out on the Monday ride with the old guys today because I'm not working yet, and because I had the opportunity to get a ride in. But I'm not at my best; I've ridden every day for the past five days (I don't post every ride here) and eight out of the last ten days.

I'm taking tomorrow off.

Twelve went out today. Pics from the start at Etra:

Al P is on vacation, and Dennis W still isn't back leading (although a couple of us saw him out on the bike over the weekend; here's hoping his recovery continues apace), so Joe M led this route. As has been the case on a number of rides I've done recently, we rode a few roads in the opposite direction of the way I expect. We stopped at the Minit Stop near Jackson.

Before the ride, I was discussing the installation of some new gear that one of the riders has bought, and it's got me thinking about the mostly old-school gear on my bikes. There's a somewhat rant-y post coming, I suspect.

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