Tuesday, August 4, 2015

won't work

The original is here.

I've seen at least one more of these, and, while it LOOKS like a good idea, I can't imagine how it would work. To get the bike to turn, you've gotta make it lean. That wide lawnmower on the front would resist leaning. And those narrow bars that go between the lawnmower head and the turning fork on the bike would never stand up to the torques needed to make the bike lean.

You could MAYBE do it if the lawnmower were directly under the fork, and you could turn the whole front-end assembly. But better would be to have the wheels of the lawnmower turn like a car's wheels.

At this point, though, the whole business is developing some serious weight (and probably expense). How about dragging the lawnmower behind the bike? Someone could probably get that to work.

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