Friday, August 28, 2015

"got it wrong" ride with the old guys

Today is Friday, and on Fridays, the Old Guys, "Team Social Security", ride out of Etra. I drove to the start (I had an afternoon appointment with employee health about the new job), and found that Al P was leading today; Dennis is a bit under the weather. Al was coy about the route; I later discovered he was improvising as he went along. At the start:

On the way to wherever we were going, somebody noticed that Don S's chain was hanging; it turned out he'd missed the orientation of the rear derailleur when he took it off and replaced it. We took a little time to fix it. When we got going again, he discovered he had a brake rub that needed attention, and by the time he and I got riding again, the rest of the group was not to be found. We guessed they were going to Roy's... but they weren't. Here's Don laying down the law to leader Al P's voice mail:

After some missed communication, we heard that the rest of the group was going to Woody's in Allentown, so we went there... and found no bikes or riders. Here's Don, quoting chapter and verse again.

We decided to head out along Ellisdale... and saw, first Al L, then Lynne... then the rest of the group. We'd beaten them to Woody's. So we fell in with 'em, and I laid low while Don and Al had words at first, and then made peace. In Allentown:

Some of the folks decided to go straight back, the rest continued with Al the long way. Don and I wound up doing this route (I have no idea what the others did).

Back at Etra:

I'm going to miss this when I have to go back to work.

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  1. Is that Al L on the left at Woody's? Good to see him back on the bike!