Wednesday, August 19, 2015

late stop ride with the old guys, and extra miles

A good day's ride for me is about 60 miles, and Dennis does between 35-45 on his three-times-a-week rides, and it's about ten miles from Etra to the Byron Johnson park in Allentown (where Dennis starts on Wednesdays), so I drove to Etra again this morning early to get to Allentown for the start of the Wednesday "Team Social Security" ride at 8:30.

I'm pathologically early, so whe I got to the park at about 8:00, there were just a few people there; others came in until, despite the lowering skies and vague threat of rain, we had 19 to start at about 8:35.

Above, Henry M thought a professional comrade was coming along; we later heard the comrade had opted out.

That's not Jen with Ed P in the photo above; it's his niece, whose name I don't remember.

With a group that large, I offered to sweep, and Dennis took me up on it. He told us to keep an eye on him; we were going to Bordentown by a new route.

We departed, but within a short distance, one of the guys was falling off the back; I dropped back to see what was up and he complained of gas pains and said he was going back. I caught up to Dennis and told him.

On we went. I hadn't seen Chris C in a while, we traded sob stories, and he invited me to his Hamilton ride on Sunday, which I may do if the weather holds.

We rode and rode, over roads I didn't recognize, and then some I did recognize as being on the way back from some of our usual destinations... and then more roads I didn't recognize. We were 27 miles into the 36-mile ride when we stopped at the convenience store in Bordentown (that's a LONG first half!).

Getting ready to leave Bordentown:

And then we went about the straightest route possible back to Allentown, about nine miles. These pictures don't show how bushed I was by the time I got there!

Gordon C was at the park when we arrived.

I told him he needs to come out with these guys, but he and his wife Terry were out today. He invited me to ride a way with him, but I begged off, saying I was going to drop in at Bruno's. I did, but it was mostly for a restorative Gatorade. (There's one that's the most wretched grey-blue. How can anything that color not be toxic?)

Here's my route, with the pre- and post-ride additional miles.

On the ride today, I got a call for a possible job interview. I think these guys are good luck for me.

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