Saturday, August 22, 2015

camera didn't work on b tri-county cruise

Well, this is disappointing. After Chris C dropped a few hints that he'd like company on the Tri-County Cruise ride that he was leading today, I decided to go. I brought my camera, but only three pictures (of the dozens I took) came out; from the stop at Roy's:

All the rest are color-distorted. When I get working again*, I've gotta get a new camera.

*And I have an offer, subject to physical and background check, from Rutgers; I hope to start next month. I'm very grateful and excited, and, being the person that I am, I'm also imagining every scenario that might interfere with the job start. It can't be easy to live with me; I assure you, even I have a problem living with me.

The Excellent Wife (TEW) decided that she would do Pat van H's ride from the same place today; so we made a date of it, going to the ride together. On the way, we saw a number of people with cameras, binoculars, and telescopes looking at various fields, and when we got to the start at the Reed Recreation Center, there were a couple there as well. I asked what was going on, and a younger gentleman told me that it was a migration-and-nesting of birds that were similar to sandpipers, but liked fields rather than shorelines; and some rare ones either were, or might be, coming through these parts today; he showed me their pictures in the book her carried.

Now I know what I sound like when a normal person asks me about bicycles.

Chris decided to merge his B+ ride with Ron M's B ride, and we split into a faster and slower group (different riders occupied each group at different times; I think this was a good way to run it for this crowd). Ron runs a ride from the Reed Recreation Area to Roy's for the break, a distance of about three or four miles, but as you'll see from my RideWithGPS page for the ride, he manages to get well over 30 miles out of it. This is a fun and welcoming crowd, and we went along at a pretty good clip. Of the three or four rides that went out, we were probably the first back.

After about five or ten minutes, TEW came back with her ride. Club president Pat van H had borrowed the extra helmet I keep in the car for just such a purpose. Then TEW asked if we could do four or five extra miles. (Last year, she was barely a D+ rider. Every time she does this kind of thing - and it's becoming frequent - I think, "Who are you, and when are they bringing back my wife?")

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  1. Always a pleasure, if a guilty one, to read your blog.