Sunday, August 30, 2015

cranky & hoarse on jeff's ride.

I've been putting off this post because I haven't known how to start it; I wound up cranky, hoarse, and exceptionally tired on today's ride. I thought it was because of riders not moving right and making a path when cars were behind (I was sweeping, which means I was often last in line, which means I often had a mirror full of car grille, and once was "brushed" by a guy on a motorcycle - no, he didn't hit me, but he made sure I felt his wind). I was shouting about traffic, and largely, apparently, ignored by some riders. But The Excellent Wife (TEW) reminds me that I was cranky even earlier this morning, so perhaps I was primed for it.

Anyway, I went to Cranbury to go on Jeff's "Back by Lunch" ride. He's a new leader, and he's generally doing well (and I'm sure I don't want to lead rides myself!). We had twelve to start, but I didn't get pictures of everybody.

We were about to roll out when up came Vern H and Yassir of the Major Taylors, with Vern on his fixie. Jeff said he planned about 50+ miles with a stop at about mile 34. We left to do this route, which you'll see is shorter. Jeff planned to add a 12-or-so-mile loop, but when we got to Walnford Road near Allentown, he discovered it was dirt. there was some discussion about how it was shown on Dustin Farnum's NJ Bike Map... but we proceeded to a stop at the Wawa near Six Flags.

Then back. Vern and Yassir rolled off on their own, and John cut off near the end to go home. I wound up riding in front much of the way home; sometimes pulling, but mostly alone just not to spread my bad vibes.

This will pass. I plan to ride with the old guys tomorrow, which always picks me up, and I plan a rest day for Tuesday (I've ridden seven of the last nine days; I think I can use it).

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