Monday, August 10, 2015

trip to roy's with the old guys

Well, for the past few weeks I've been doing the lion's share of my job searching on Mondays, but tomorrow, the weather is iffy, and the Old Guys go out of Etra on Mondays... so I decided to blow off job search this morning (actually, I did some in the afternoon), and I went to Etra to ride with Al and Dennis.

On the way in, I saw Don Sprague putting in some extra miles; I thought I'd gotten the time wrong, but I hadn't. Twelve of us went on this route. At first, there was some discussion that Dennis was leading us to Pierre's, the site of the Freewheelers Christmas party, but then we turned left and started heading south.

We went across Gordon Road, which is not only open, but clear of utility poles in the middle of the roadway, and then along 524, where we were spread out by a headwind.

We stopped at the new Roy's.

I repeat what I said earlier: it's attractive, it's huge, and they treat us like folks. Not the biggest selection yet, but I suspect that's because they haven't been open that long.

Then back. It didn't feel like a tailwind on the way back; it just felt like we were a bit stronger than usual... but doesn't it always feel like that?

And now I have a 35-mile route from Etra that includes the new Roy's about two-thirds the way in!

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