Thursday, April 5, 2012

more on that ride you hated

Laura OLPH has got her pictures up for that excellent ride you would have hated. (I forgot about some of the excellent road names on that ride: Buckwampum? Gallows Hill?)

Plenty of nifty farm vistas for Laura. (Jeff l would ride ahead and ask regularly, "Is that a picture?" Often, it was.)
A spillway in Easton, PA:
We crossed the river into Phillipsburg, NJ, which is chock-full of nifty old buildings in the downtown. The next time I'm going through, I'll get pictures.

On the way back we went along that River Road I loved when I did it on the Anchor House ride. I still love it. It's beautiful. River, abandoned train tracks, old farms, new rich-folks houses; part of it has a rocky cliff on the side away from the river into which the right-of-way for the railroad must have been cut.

Go check out Laura's post - you've gotta see the great picture of the voguing chicken.

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