Wednesday, February 5, 2020

ride for feb 9 2020

Time to do another ride to the Pig. The way there will look mostly like this route, but the way back won't; I had a credible complaint about Hamilton Ave in Princeton, so we'll try something else. 45-50 miles.

Start at 10am at the Blackwells Mills/Six  Mile Run lot (local address is 625 Canal Road in Franklin, but the map shows better at about 643 Canal Road). There's an iffy prediction of rain that will (I hope) have passed by then.

Usual low-B pace, I expect. I get a range of different abilities coming along these days, so we let the quick ones go off the front, and we wait for the ones in the back, OK?

Princeton Freewheelers club ride; non-members get one free. Link to listing on PFW web page.

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