Saturday, February 1, 2020

we four

Laura OLPH's ride was gonna start from the Pig today, but there wasdrizzle when I got there about half an hour before the ride was to start. Her return text indicated the ride was still on, so I went inside, delighted to find that Stylish Barista Woman was working.

I figured we'd probably stop for coffee afterwards, and was glad to see a large collection of empty calories for our enjoyment.

I got my Americano and went out to get set up.

As I did, Bob N drove up, and then Peter G rolled in. At about 9:30, as expected, Laura rode in... but, unexpectedly, she was alone. So there were just the four of us on this ride.

We did the widdershins Sergeantville route that I liked so much better than the usual route the last time we did it. Even though the day was grey, this time I stopped on Yard Road to get some of the pictures I didn't get last time. Yard Road is one lane (maybe one-and-a-half) through farms; it's hard to believe we're in the most densely-populated state in the Union.

(I call that "Adirondack Sag".)

It just wasn't a day for getting pictures of riders.

We stopped at the Sergeantsville store. Bob N decided that he would get a plate of the dumplings that are one of the house specialties. I had a couple. They're better than I would have thought. Some might not choose 'em for ride food, but on this cold, drizzly day, they weren't a bad choice.

We didn't see a lot of other bikers out; I remember three passing near the Sergeantsville store as we were mounting up to leave, and asking them what kind of crazies would got out on a bike on a day like this.

Then back to the Pig, to see this:

Oh, well. I had other stuff to do today, anyway.

Ride page.

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