Tuesday, January 21, 2014

got-it-in-before-the-weather-got-worse ride

Too cold to ride Saturday. Tom H and a few Freewheelers went out on a towpath ride Sunday, but The Excellent Wife (TEW) and I had a hot date for restaurant week at the City Tavern (and the only website that comes up for 'em is the mobile site, which I refuse to link to); earlier, we did a tour of low-country art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Steen! Vermeer! van Ruisdael!).

So when I saw Ed C's email about a ride for Monday (hey, I had off for King Day), I was in... As was Cheryl, and pretty much nobody else. Joe M wasn't taking Team Social Security out, and there was a rumbling that one or two of their number would join us for the 10am start... but there were no takers when the hour rolled around.

There was also no Ed C, who had taken a wrong turn on 601 to get to the Montgomery High School he'd set for the start; I got a picture of him pulling into the lot. Cheryl had a commitment, so we agreed on 40 miles, and did this route. (That's not my usual GPS site; I had a problem with ol' Mr. Garmin, as I occasionally do.)

It reminded me of the other ride I did from that start, the Sourland Spectacular, and we saw the remains of a few of their arrows along the route (although we were spared the fish head). Crossing the ridge, I was taken with a log with a dusting of snow (despite the promise of almost 50°, there were some patches of ice across the roads), you'll see a picture below.

Outside Rojo's, an engaging you fellow took our picture (and after seeing it, I promised myself you'll see less of me in these posts!). He's got a business making folderol for iPhones, and I wish him every success.

Rojo's got an old Lynskey mountain bike with a 1" head tube; he'd like a suspended fork, but can't find one. Any ideas?

Coming out of Lambertville, we took Franklin... and now I've got a new favorite way out of Lambertville. Good hill that gets us quickly up over the town; I hope my picture from the top came out.

Then home. I was put off that the GPD didn't save the whole route (which may be why I put off writing this post until today). I had today off, too (it's complicated...) and I've just finished putting in a new bathroom tap set and doing a laundry, while TEW is out in the snow. Looks like cold weather ahead; this may be the last ride until Easter!

Pics? Of course pics!

Below, Ed comin' in late.

Hey, no harm, no foul.

Below: I like this of the tree:

Above, Ed & Cheryl. Ed lent me one of those vests for visibility, but I really didn't like it: it impedes access to the rear pockets of the jersey, and the loose shoulder was flapping so it interfered with my visibility in my helmet mirror.

Above, outside Rojo's. Below, Moe, Larry, and Cheryl:

(Guys, I've got the closer shot, but I ain't postin' it here; it's even worse!) The pic above was taken by this fellow who saw us outside Rojo's:

Below: The view back towards Lambertville from the top of Franklin, by the cemetery (I'm not persuaded that some of those headstones weren't riders who didn't make it up the hill!)

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