Monday, January 27, 2014

weight loss challenge - update 2

  • Me: start 182, last 180, this week 181; goal under 175
  • Dave C: start 210.1, last 206.9, this week 210.3; goal 195
  • John D: start 145, last 147, this week 144; goal 140 
  • Lou O: last 170, this week 169; goal 160
  • Henry M: start 163, this week 161 (based on an average of reported weights in his comment on my previous post), goal 158
Not reporting numbers:
  • Ira S: same
  • The Excellent Wife (TEW): up.
All of us whose weights are up have excuses explanations: Henry blamed a dozen bagels; Dave said he can't eat salads in this cold; TEW says she's SURE that holding on to weight in the cold is a survival response that's been reinforced by evolution, and I'm agreeing with her, because, hey, she's my wife.

I'm not going to put any helpful tips in this week, because it's pretty clear what I've been doing ain't working! I'll check in later in the week to see how youse-all are doing.

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