Monday, January 13, 2014

weight loss challenge update

So far, I have the following people involved in the weight loss challenge:


  • Me: currently 182, goal under 175
  • Dave Carpenter: currently 210, goal 195
  • Henry Murphy: currently 163, goal 158
  • John Danek
  • Lou Orlando
  • Ira Saltiel
  • The Excellent Wife (TEW).

Henry made reference to "subject to daily fluctuations". To control for such fluctuations, for years I've been entering my daily weight into the online spreadsheet at The Hacker's Diet. You can set up a free account, and learn about how to do it, here.

The advantage of that spreadsheet is that, in addition to recording your daily weight, it gives you the trend for the last 10 days, so that the reading after a century on a hot day (when you're dehydrated and unusually light) or after a visit to a pickle factory (when you're full of salt and retaining water, and unusually heavy) doesn't throw off the whole calculation. What I look at is not the daily weight, but the trend, and the number I show above for current is the trend number, even though my daily weight has been down the past two days.

(I don't recommend you do the actual Hacker's Diet; it's full of processed food and salt, and it sucks.)

I'll plan to check in on the Facebook page once a week or so and see how you're doing. Feel free to post tips, good ideas (or bad ones), and experiences. We're in this together; let's do it.

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