Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ride for june 14

OK, let's try this again. Starting again from the Claremont School (Blackwells Mills/Six Mile was still barricaded last time I passed; also, remember no toilets at Claremont School). Sunday, June 14, 9am.

Pre-registration is required. Space limited to ten. I'll have the list pre-printed, and you can bring your own pen, or I will sign for you.

In addition to the usual club rules, COVID-19 rules apply. Riders will be expected to have masks (I'm gonna check), and to use them at the start or on breaks except when eating. Social distancing and 10' between riders will be expected (what's that, about three meters in real money?).

Probable route (a little longer & hillier than last week). I'll plan to stop at Camp Meeting Road, about halfway; bring your own food. I expect the usual Plain Jim lo-B pace. Nobody dropped, but if you're off the front, I might cut youse off.

Porta-potties have been removed from the usual sites. We'll plan to stop when you need to.

Keep an eye on the weather; if there's a serious threat of rain, I'll cancel. Hope to see some of youse.

Edit 6/11/20: The Excellent Wife (TEW) tells me that the lot at Blackwells Mills/Six Mile is open again. Tough; I'm starting at the Claremont School anyway. quod scripsi, scripsi.

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